How can you get anything accomplished in your day if you dont have a plan? This is my favorite daily rituals combined for you!



  • Morning Quiet Time Take Away
  • To Do List- For The Day & Left Over Tasks
  • Long Term Goals (to keep you on track of the big picture)
  • Short Term Goals (to jot down your weekly goals)
  • Three Area Focuses Of The Day
  • A Spot For Inspiring Words / Bible Verses / Quotes


Coming from an enneagram 4 who has a million ideas but has a hard time staying on track I can honestly say I need something to keep me on track each day! Personally, I cant stand a big bulky planner, so I created my own planning pages for a slimmer option! This product is perfect for whoever wants to print/jot OR whoever wants to have a digital file. It is made to be uploaded into GoodNotes- for the IPad. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


The Daily Planner - Digital / Printable