You might work for someone else or you might be running your own business. Either way I am here to help you cultivate your voice, find your purpose and make sure it all aligns. Maybe you are the person who has an idea but needs some help bringing it to life or maybe you are the person that needs help narrowing down a million ideas. No matter the case you need a foundation so let's build one.


This session will be one and a half hour long in person or virtually. We will dive deep into your "why" over a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine). You will leave the session with tons of tools and resources as well as a break down on your dream business.


This session will include..

  • Brief dive into any materials such as your social media, websites, blog etc to exam your current voice/ brand.
  • Goals- Mapping out, coming up with action plans & due dates
  • Visioning- Dreaming together! A fun beautiful moment where we dream together in a creative space.
  •  “Your why” - Looking into your “why” and making sure it is aligned and connects with everything you are doing.
  • Scheduling- Hand in hand with action plans but focusing on your day to day while being realistic.


Your will leave with…

  • A complete package with our session in review
  • Your why written out
  • Heart probing questions to think on
  • Fresh vision + clarity
  • Goals clearly defined
  • Action Plans- A full on guide of things to do, people to see and places to be.
  • A schedule overview.



copy of Cultivating Your Voice and Finding Your Purpose