Your Weakness Into Strength

I have a deep feeling that someone needs to hear these words.

Throughout my life, I loved writing stories and journaling. It always brought me peace. My dad said he would read the stories I would write as a little girl and think they were so creative. My one issue was I couldn't spell and my grammar was pretty terrible. I vividly remember my parents buying me a ton of the LeapFrog tools to help me with my spelling but they never worked. My third-grade teacher told my mom I would most likely grow out of my spelling issues but honestly, I never did.

I loved my English classes but because of those two weaknesses I never made good grades and because I never made good grades somewhere along the way I stopped writing as much. It was almost like I tucked away a gift of storytelling deep within my pocket and never pulled the skill out again. That is until God re-ignited it within me.

In the Bible, there are multiple occasions of God igniting something in someone or using someone in a way they never thought was possible. One of my favorites is the story of Rahab. She was a prostitute that helped the Israelites defeat the city of Jericho. Essentially two spies came into her town and just when they were about to get caught she hid them in her home and helped them to escape. They left the town, gathered the army, and planned the attack which led to victory. Rahab and her family were the only ones in the town that were spared.

See, Rahab's weakness was prostitution. I'm sure as a prostitute she had men over all of the time. She probably had hidden men on multiple occasions. She probably had even helped them sneak out of her house. She clearly knew the back end of the town because I'm sure she had to remain under wraps when she didn't want to be bothered by her "clients". I bet she even made great money and couldn't get out of it. She might have even tried to at some point but thought she had no real skill and was comfortable being a prostitute. It was comfortable and a way for her to make a quick buck.

God took one look at her and said I am going to bring glory to this. What you think is a weakness I will use this as a strength. I mean HELLO. She was sleeping with a ton of different men. She clearly wasn't obedient to the Lord.

Until he ignited something within her.

He knew he could ignite Rahab's heart and use her biggest weakness as a strength because he knew she would give him all the glory. What she accomplished wouldn't have been possible without him. It's not as impressive when someone is naturally amazing at something to succeed. Sure, it's still amazing, but we aren't shocked by it. Now, when someone isn't amazing at something and still succeeds not only does it blow people's minds but it gives them hope.

God met me in my weakness with writing and had me create a blog where every single time I publish something I end up having a divine conversation with someone. God met Rahab and not only saved her life but he put her in his family lineage. She is in the direct family line to Jesus Christ.

I want to tell you tonight that God is trying to ignite something within you. Lean into it. There's something he wants you to use that you are not so confident about. It's a weakness you have. Something you are struggling with. I'm not sure when it will happen but when it does, you will know. Step into that moment. Be confident that God will walk through it with you. In fact, not only will he walk through it with you but he will prepare the way. Your weakness is your key. God is going to perform miracles with your weakness and use you to perform miracles. He has a plan. He wants you not to look at your weakness but to look at him. Do not worry about what you don't have, use what you do have.

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