Why Essential Oils?

Let’s get honest, essential oils use to be for a very specific type of audience- the weird stay at home moms, the old women or the “woo woo hippies”. All I have to say is welcome to 2020, the millennials have entered the market and we are taking it main stream.

As Millennials get older and are able to afford luxurious items they are willing to spend it on nice products because they care about what goes in their body.

A millennial is more likely to look at the ingredients & do some quick digging on a product before they use it. Oh, and guess what? They can do it within a couple of seconds because they have an app for it.

Cheap toxic products are getting pushed out. People are starting to CARE about what goes in their bodies. Our society is more aware of illnesses that are (or are “not”) being caused by the toxins we allow in every single day.

While some consider essential oils to be a luxury others are learning how to utilize it to replace other household items. Ie- cleaning supplies & beauty care as one of the leading supplements.

Millennials are breaking the generational noise of certain brands and they are checking these brands on their safety. While many put out that they are “toxin free” millennials are doing the deep dive research to see if there is truth behind that statement.

There are laws being fought in congress about health claims that can be put on products and although this may take years to pass millennials are not waiting for a change- they are making the change themselves.

This generation seeks intentionality with everything they do. Whether it be protesting or going to counseling they are on board to better themselves and better their overall health.

To put this in perspective in 2019 the essential oil business was a $4.8 billion industry. By 2020 it is projected to be a $7.3 billion dollar industry.

The growth in this industry is astronomical. There is no “pumping the breaks” on this non toxic lifestyle. Millennials aren’t taking no for an answer and I have a hunch Gen Z will be right behind them. If you are currently debating on what industry / business you need to join- the answer is right in front of you.

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