What to do when the world is demanding that you pick a side

My prayer for you is as you read this you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

It feels like all the sudden there is so much pressure on me to discuss and take a big stand for who I am voting for. People are personally getting offended if you don’t vote for the side they believe in. While I can understand some of that argument, I also know that as a 27-year-old woman this feels extremely heavy.

I’m not talking about hard topics that I don’t have the capability of fathoming and understanding. For me personally I don’t live under a rock and while I don’t necessarily want to publicly share my experience on social media I am more than open to have hard conversations with people of opposing and or similar views behind the scenes. I am deep down a major challenger and I constantly work to have an open mind.

That’s not the hard piece I am talking about. What I am talking about is a heavy weight that goes deeper than a hard conversation. The weight I am talking about is the entire world’s destiny sitting on your shoulders. It feels like if you didn’t cast YOUR vote and use YOUR voice that everything would implode, and it would be your fault. It feels like if you didn’t take an aggressive stance to one side or the other and publicly display your opinion than your voice doesn’t matter.

While the heaviness weighs down on me I know that I need to find some sort of peace. We all do. Many find peace in different ways… maybe it’s talking to family, maybe it’s staying glued to the TV and maybe it’s crunching numbers to estimate where the votes will go so you can gain peace in knowing your opponent will win. And holding onto that possibility of your opponent winning is what is getting you through the night.

If that is where you get peace, then good for you. Whatever will take the edge off this hard reality that we live in. But let me just say where I have gone recently and always go for comfort is my bible. I have been speechless to see that is getting backlash.

This is not okay.

I’m allowed to pray when the unknown is happening, and everything feels like it is falling apart and I am allowed to raise my hand in praise and say “thank God that Jesus is still king.”

As a Christian we must understand that we live in a fallen world and the battle is not against one another but against forces we cannot see. So, let us be careful how we are fighting our battles. While leaders can make a massive impact, we also must understand that these leaders are only in these rolls for a short time and Gods version of time it is minuscule. Some of these leaders work so hard for 4-8 years and others work for a lifetime but let me just say that God can undo their work in a second. Because he. Is. king. EVEN these leaders that are appointed for a lifetime will not hold more power than God.

There is so much pressure to make a statement and pick a side during this election but do not forget your calling. Not all of us are called to be self-proclaimed political geniuses. Not all of us are called to protest. Not all of us are called to get our hands in this battle. And that is okay. It’s okay to know deep down that this is not your calling. This might be someone else’s calling. And when I say that I am not saying to sit back and not vote. NO. I believe we must vote but what I am also saying we need to listen to God and go from there.

If God is telling you to protest, then go protest. If God is telling you to vote and leave the rest to him then vote and leave the rest to him.

I can’t speak for everyone but if someone says “Aren’t you so glad no matter who wins the election that Jesus is King” it doesn’t necessarily mean they are trying to offend you and make this a small matter. It most likely means they feel they weight of the world laying on their shoulders and they don’t know what else to do besides get on their knees and pray that thy kingdom come and thy will be done.

I say this with hesitancy but honesty. If we take a step back and look at this with a 30,000 foot view the reality is, we are still voting on two white males who are extremely wealthy and privileged. We still have a long way to go. God is still opening people’s eyes and preparing us for what is to come. Let us not burn bridges with our neighbor during these hard times. Let us love our neighbor as God has loved us.

I will always appreciate and respect people who educate me on their pain and what myself or someone else did to hurt them but I will never stop praising and shouting that God is in charge and I truly believe it is in his hands. My calling is not to fight this battle. God has me working on another battle, but I am praying for everyone that has their hands in on this. I voted, I have been on my knees and praying and I can rest at night knowing God is in control.

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