To The Mamas

Since this is my second Mother's Day I can now come to you with loads of advice. While I could list off plenty of products to buy, how to feed your child, what best gas drops to use, and where to get cute baby clothes, I will leave you with one honest piece of advice- no one knows what the heck they are doing.

I realized this one day when I looked at Nash and said "Listen, buddy, we're in this mess together." At that moment I really meant it. I knew in my heart I had to have grace for him but more than anything I need him to always have grace for me. When he starts screaming and I don't know how to soothe him. When I cant produce enough milk to feed his little belly. When I don't get to his room fast enough when he so desperately needs his mama. When he falls on the ground because he is trying to run and I didn't warn him that concrete is hard. And when I have to go off to work and cant love on him all day like I so desperately want to. I need him to have grace for all of those things.

I'd like to think that society has really come to a place of honest conversations. People are starting to open up about the ugly pieces of labor, the hard pieces of postpartum, and the difficulties of parenthood. It's honestly all so hard.

But yet, it's all so good too.

The first time you soothe your baby to sleep. The times when they latch onto you perfectly. The moments when you are the only one they want. When you put a bandaid on their little cut and they are so thankful. When those little dimple hands touch your face as they eat. When they fall asleep on your chest and you cant move but you don't even care.

Motherhood is so confusing and this year hasn't helped. When I went in for my yearly check up at the Gyno the midwife I saw told me they can barley keep up with the amount of anxiety prescriptions they are writing for mothers. It's cripling us when in reality we are in such a sweet time.

But here is the thing to remember, spiritual warfare always hits when you are creating something beautiful.

These babies we are raising are going to do good and be good. Jesus has a plan for them. The sweetest part is he hand picked you to be their mama. He knows you are the perfect person to raise that little baby up so they can step into their own calling. When the hard parts hit Jesus is going to act as your father and comfort you, while showing you how to comfort your little one.

So on this Mother's Day weekend I want to give you a little encouragement. You are exactly who your baby needs you to be. Everything you need to raise the best little human is already inside of you. Dont let any Instagram post or blogger mommy tell you any differently. Most importantly don't let those little lies in your head stay there too long. They'll beat you up and bring you to the dark place if you let them simmer.

"As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you." Isaiah 66:13

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