The Power of Your Testimony

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

They say there is power in your testimony. (I had to pause after that I wrote that sentence because it truly resonates with me. It is such a strong thing to say.) There is power in your testimony. 


Wow. Just wow. If you are at a place where you think that God hasn't blessed you, and if you are at a place where you dont think you've been through anything crazy enough to have a story then I'm here to tell you that you are wrong.

You do have a story! And I bet it is beautiful. My story took 24 years to unfold. Doesnt that seem so long? I felt like it took forever, but I think when I'm older I will look back and see how young I really was when God took a hold of my heart.

Over the past year and a half my prayers have opened doors, and my prayers have closed doors. But it's funny how QUICKLY God opens doors when you tell God you want to learn about him and you want your conversations to revolve around him.

He's like "oh me? You want to talk about me? Dont worry I will get the people talking."

And BOOM. All the sudden I found everyone spilling out their testimony so fast it would make an averages person's head spin. I mean seriously I could barley believe all of the testimonies that people were sharing with me. I couldnt believe how deep people got with me. It was like they couldnt NOT tell me. It was like they were racing to get their stories out.

It's funny though because I prayed my testimony could be used and really the Lord gave me a platform for other's to tell me their testimony. It was beautiful.

My testimony involves me being rejected over and over again. By a man, and by people I thought were my friends. My testimony involves me being betrayed, and people misinterpreting my intentions and my heart. My testimony involves God taking all of those lies and all of the rejection I felt and CRUSHING it with his love. He took all of those lies, and he took the worlds rejection and he accepted me. He wrapped me in His arms and He promised to never let me go.

Through that rejection that I felt, God gave me a platform for me to accept other's testimonies. The good, the bad, the messy, the ugly grimy disaster that humans create. It's like he gave me some of his heart. A gift of accepting. 

I feel so honored to hold the spiritual gift of acceptance he gave me.

I prayed for God to allow my testimony to be shared, but I saw him evolve the prayer so others could have a safe space to bring their messy stories. And through their messy stories my heart was transformed even more. People didnt realize that they were changing me, just by telling me their testimony. Some didnt even realize they were proclaiming their testimony. But they were. I would mainly just listen, sometimes that's all people need, and if the moment was right I would share my testimony because I know the power that it holds.

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