That Oily Life.

My Story

During my pregnancy I was sitting in bible study when my vision started to go. A spot was in my eye and I couldn’t focus. Everyone around me started to feel far away and their words were started to become jumbled. I immediately closed my eyes, because that’s what I have to do in these situations, but it was too late the migraine was starting.

I asked my friend next to me if she would grab my Tylenol out of my bag. As she was reaching for it I complained about how truly it wasn’t going to work but I wasn’t allowed to take the only medicine that would work for me during my pregnancy. She stopped dead in her tracks and said she wanted me to try something different. Desperate, I easily accepted her offer and challenged her a little saying whatever she had I wouldn’t be allowed to take or it wouldn’t work.

She went over to her purse and pulled out an essential oil. A freaking essential oil. I legitimately laughed as she rubbed it on my temples, forehead and back of the neck telling her no way was this going to work.

Joke was on me because within 10 minutes my headache was completely gone.

I had never gotten rid of a migraine so fast in my life. That was the moment I realized there was power in these little oils.

Not to get all history channel on anyone but oils date back to the Egyptians. They used them for religion, cosmetic purposes and medical purposes. I think as time went on and modern medicine advanced everyone stopped using them and went to drugs for the quick effects. But they are back and the “trend” is catching like wildfire.

I can honestly say after seeing the benefits of oils I am hooked. I am a weird hybrid who believes vaccines and medicine are good for you, but I also believe that if there are ways to stay healthy and avoid medicine then that should be tried first. I am on a mission to take my household from chemical filled to toxic free.

You see, in so many areas of life I have learned that it is hard for me to go at things with the mindset that I am going to get rid of the bad in my life. Focusing on the bad never solves anything. Which is why I am going to bring so much good into my life that the bad has no other choice than to leave.

The Company I Use

The reason it took me so long to get into oils was because I didn’t feel right about any of the companies I was researching. I finally found Young Living and immediately felt like that was the right fit for me. They have tons of other products besides essential oils, super fair prices, amazing bundle deals and a killer point system.

My goal is to be completely chemical free over the next couple of years. Young Living has a thing called “essential rewards”. Once you buy your starter kit you can sign up for essential rewards for free. If you spend $50 a month you will receive points where you can buy free products and major discounts. So for my family and I, we are allocating our budget to spend $50 a month towards non-toxic cleaners instead of picking up the same old chemical base cleaners from the grocery store. Our budget had not increased, it just changed where we purchase these products!

My Oil Community

If you want to join me in my “ditch and switch” (yes that is what we call it) journey then use the link below to buy your starter kit! This will put you on my team / community. The group we have has deep roots in the oil lifestyle so you will receive a ton of helpful information! You will also receive support from me, a welcome kit from me and roller blends from me. (I love to spoil my oily team!) If you decide to sell Young Living then good news! I am the Marketing Manager at a Branding Agency so I will help you focus on your oil brand and pour into your business. Personally my why is not to make money, but to bring healthy products into my life. They say careers and businesses form the easiest when you find your why- so let’s find your why in oils.

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