Renovate Like a Pro- While Keeping Your Sanity!

If you have been following my journey, then you know we purchased our very first home this past fall! It is a sweet little townhome near the heart of a historic downtown. When the weather is nice, we put the little one in his stroller to enjoy the cute shops and delicious restaurants at arm length of our home. When the weather is not cooperating (hello Georgia!) then we stay in and work on our home renovations.

Let me tell you, I have been dying to have home renovation projects for YEARS. I would stare at the walls of the rentals I lived in just dreaming of what I would do to improve the space. I almost even called my landlord a few times and told him I would happily update areas of his home with no charge to him. THAT’S how desperate I was. Now that I finally have a home of my own, I hold nothing back! I live by my little unconventional tips and advice. If you are ready to dive into the DIY projects, check out my tips on how to dive into renovation projects.

1. Dream and protect it. Kind of silly to say, right? I think many of us talk ourselves out of things before we even do them. For years now, in a sea of white shiplap, I have wanted a black accent wall. I just felt like it was fun, different, and edgy. As soon as we moved into the new place I scoped out where I wanted it to be. Once I started telling friends of my dream, they immediately tried to talk me out of it. I almost bought into what they were saying but finally I decided it was only paint and if black was a horrible idea we would laugh and repaint it. Low and behold the black wall went up and it looks AMAZING. My friends even admit that they love it.

2. Pace yourself. Home renovation is a lot to manage and if you are like me then you probably want to complete everything at once. That just is not probable for most. You must remind yourself that you are most likely going to be living in your home so having a bathroom and a kitchen torn apart at once is not a good idea. While everyone’s home may look dreamy and complete online it is okay if yours is going to take a little bit longer to complete. Just know it will get there but in the meantime give yourself some grace and enjoy it!

3. Plan. Along with pacing yourself I would say planning out your projects is key. One weekend I listed off three projects I wanted to complete; living room accent wall, update our laundry room, and redo our powder room off the kitchen. Now when I say that I listed off three projects one weekend my intention was that I wanted all three projects finished that same weekend. HA! Not only is that not pacing myself, but it isn’t probable for our budget. I took a step back, looked at my budget, and mapped out when I could tackle each project over the next year. This helped to “itchy my renovation scratch” by coming up with a timeline for everything.

4. Ask for help. I grew up watching my dad build and renovate homes. I watched him turn pieces of wood into beautiful creations. The older I get the more I am realizing that while my dad was able to create these things I actually do not know how to. My mistake as a child was watching instead of getting my hands dirty and learning. This leads me to my third tip- ask for help. I was so nervous to facetime my dad and admit to him that I actually didn’t know how to drill a hole into the wall and I was beyond terrified to ask for help as I strolled aimlessly around Home Depot but as soon as I did I was so thankful!

5. Have the right tools. This is a big one and maybe even the most important one. Since we live in a townhome space is limited and we have had to be savvy with what we have around. If you live in or around Atlanta there is an amazing company called Saw Trax. With all of the projects we have done and plan to do a saw is necessary, especially one that can fit in our tight space. I recommend checking out their Portable Vertical Saw Kit.

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