Releasing Anxiety

Growing up I lived a fast paced life, and juggled more than most kids, but yet I was lucky enough to never feel the weight of anxiety. In fact, it wasn't until after college that I felt the feeling of my chest tightening and the world closing in that so many people had described to me.

Anxiety really does feel like someone is sitting on your chest.

In church this past Sunday I wasn't able to hear the message because I spent my time serving and greeting people. I was honestly distracted with so many Jesus filled conversations that I forgot our pastor was preaching.

It wasn't until everyone piled out of the gathering area with tears filled in their eyes that I realized the sermon was over.

A wave of friends came up to me and told me how profound and amazing the message was. They each told me that they felt like it spoke to them directly.

Turns out, the message was about anxiety.

In this moment I realized that the world is craving relief from anxiety. It seems like in today's age everyone is moving faster, quicker, and better than the person next to them. It's causing us all to look at our neighbor and compare ourselves. It's causing a fluctuation of mental health issues.

No one wants to talk about it, but almost all of us are feeling the pressure that the world is putting on us. So many of us have a heavy chest, but yet we are burying it deep down and covering our issues with filtered photos.

We so easily create a false persona of our lives, but yet we cant pinpoint why our chest feels like it is caving inward.

We all think we want a life that is filled with travel excursions and huge groups of friends, but our souls are craving relational moments with someone who will help carry our burdens. It's no wonder everyone in the church left that Sunday feeling a bit lighter. For a moment in time we felt understood and we felt like our pastor related to us.

The energy was different after the message because the people of the church declared war against the lies and thoughts that bind so many of us. The anxiety conversation has officially been opened, and we being wrapped with prayers that will cast out our troubles.

Releasing Anxiety

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