Knowing a Piece Of a Person

People are on my mind a lot. Sometimes when I think of a concept or an idea someone’s face will pop into my head. Other times when I am sad someone’s words will hit my heart. Often when I think of a moment or a memory that person will show up vividly.

We are the most interesting creatures on this planet. I truly believe that. We are. We are complex and confusing. There are so many attributes in each of us, and there are so many different sides of us.

I have been thinking about how you could know someone your entire life, but you could only ever know one piece of them.

My dad is one of the best dad’s around. He has worn many hats. Dad, coach, husband, and business owner. I knew him as a dad, and as a coach. I saw that piece of his heart my entire life. I remember once when I was about eight he showed up to a game, almost late, running out of his car in his business suit and running into the bathroom to change into his coaching gear.

All the girls on the team gasped and told him they couldn’t believe he was in a SUIT! Coach Scott in a SUIT!

Their minds couldn’t wrap around the concept because they were used to seeing him in his coaching gear.

But my mind could.

I watched my dad come home from work every day in his business suit or business clothes. I watched him enter as a business owner, and then transform into a dad. I saw it all. He is my dad.

But the truth was I didn’t really see it all. I only saw a piece of him. A beautiful piece of him that I will always and forever love.

I think we allow others to see pieces of us instead of our whole selves. It’s not like we are hiding something, but there’s no way we can fully open up to everyone around us. I think if we did it would drain us, and I think it would invite unwanted things into our life.

We would receive the words of others speaking over a piece of our lives that we don’t necessarily need or want. Maybe people bring out certain pieces that are deep within.

Maybe that is the beauty of it.

Sometimes we have friends who we call when we are sad. Sometimes we have friends that we have deep intimate conversations with. Other times we have friends who we call when we need a lighthearted hysterical moment of laughter with.

It doesn’t make these friends any less important. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know them and they don’t know you. It means you know a beautiful and different side of them. You know a piece of them.

They say that God made us in his image. I find myself lately wondering who God is. I am connected with him, and I spend time with him everyday, but sometimes when I think I understand God, and when I think I have finally figured him out I realized that I actually don’t understand God. It leaves me questioning whether I know him or not.

But the thing is maybe God is like the people in our lives. Maybe we only know a piece of him. The piece(s) that he reveals to us, just like our friends. Maybe we can flip the script and say we bring out certain pieces of God. Maybe with some of us he shows us gentle love and maybe with others he shows us the iron fist type of love.

In the end I think he knows all of our pieces and he knows what piece he can show us, just like those around us.Maybe only knowing a piece of someone isn’t mean to be a bad thing. Maybe it is meant to be a good thing. A beautiful thing.

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