It's Okay

Last night was pretty awful if I am being honest. Just when I thought we had made sleeping progress with our little Nash he decided to put a plot twist on the entire schedule.

Now, to be fair, we are starting him super young so we knew nights like this would happen, but there is a difference between expecting it to happen to actually being in the mix as it happens.

As in… You can expect it to rain but the rain can look different from what you originally planned. For example when the rain comes in sideways and hits you in the face through the heavy rain jacket you packed in preparation.

That was us. Prepared and expectant but yet still oblivious and baffled when it hit.

Through the middle of Nash screaming his head off I watched Devin walk over to the bassinet, pick him up and sooth him by saying “shh.. it’s okay.” Devin was moving him from his bassinet to the changing table because he knew Nash was uncomfortable in the diaper he just made a mess in.

Whenever we move our little baby he always starts fussing. Our first words to him are always “it’s okay.” Even though we know the movement is uncomfortable for him, and ultimately the best, he can’t see it. He doesn’t understand. He isn’t old enough to know what’s going on. Yet, we still tell him “it’s going to be okay. We got you.” See, we know the movement is temporary but he doesn’t. He can’t see the end results until it happens.

I wonder how many of us are going through this with God right now. Not old enough or wise enough to understand what is happening or maybe even too close to a painful situation to see clearly.

God sees the pain we are in. He sees the mess we have made and is trying to move us from the mess all while whispering “It’s okay. I got you.”

Often we don’t hear his words. We continue to groan in our own pain that, much like Nash, our cries are so loud it causes us to lose our spiritual hearing. We only hear when we feel the relief. The beauty comes when we realize that God has been there the entire time. Holding us. Loving us. Whispering to us. Trying his best to comfort us. Always telling us “it’s okay. I got you.”

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