In Wrath Remember Mercy

***Sermon below***

Our God is a God of revenge. I mean, have you ever read the story of Noah's Ark? Revenge for sin.

We usually read that book as a child, but recently I read it as an adult. God was going to bring a flood to wipe out all of humanity. ALL. OF. HUMANITY. But during his wrath he remembered Noah. He saved Noah and his entire family. Plus two of every creature on Earth. Do we really think God couldnt have just wiped the Earth clean and started completely over?

He couldve destroyed the Earth and created everything brand new with the blink of his eye, but he didnt do that. He instead showed mercy.

Sometimes I find myself getting extremely bitter at what people have done to me in my life. I so badly want revenge. I remind myself that God will have that revenge. I would rather him send his wrath because it triumphs anything I could ever do. Through my bitterness I remember that just like the enemies in my life have sinned against me I have sinned as well, and I pray God has mercy on me.

God's wrath is an extremely terrifying thing, and it is coming. But in God's wrath he will remember mercy.

That is what Louie Giglio talks about in his sermon below. Such a beautiful outline of his mercy in the middle of his wrath!

In Wrath Remember Mercy

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