How I Survived The Beach With a Newborn

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I hate long intros to "How To Blogs" so let's cut to the chase! I am a fanatic about research. I did a ton of research on everything I purchased as well as asked more experienced mamas. Obviously if you are traveling with a newborn I recommend talking to your pediatrician to get some tips and make sure the little one is staying safe, but as far as “stuff to bring” this worked out perfect!

1. Float – Nash is a little baby and he is still building neck strength. We invested in this infant float for the summer. I really went back and forth on it, but I’m glad we got it for him because he napped really well in it! We realized quickly he hates laying flat on the towel under the umbrella so we blew this up and set his fan in front of him. He was out! Since the beach he has taken a few more naps in it under the umbrella at the pool!

Click here for the float

2. Fan- We found the BEST fan. 10/10 recommend. It is small yet powerful and it oscillates! We hook this onto his float (outside of the water) car seat, even his bouncy if we have him sitting in it on the patio. Heck I even used it at the pool for myself! Oh and it is rechargeable.

Click here for fan

3. Swim Suits – I don’t know why but this was a hard one for me to find. Probably because I wasn’t able to see swim suit options in the stores due to covid. I just wasn’t sure what would fit and what would be too small! I wanted to get some he could grow into over the summer. I ended up going with all rash guard options because I didn’t want little man to get sunburnt! The only thing I would say is to watch the zippers on some of these- since they dont go all the way down changing diapers can be a total pain. I found ONE swim suit that zips all of way down and it is lifechanging but they are sold out. I also recommend swim "trunks" and a rash guard top for easy diaper changes. (Does anyone say swim trunks anymore!?)

Click here for the Ruggedbutts and click here for the lifeguard in training

4. Hat- Okay our little guy has a teeny tiny head. I had to return so many dang hats but found one that was adjustable and I am obsessed!

Click here for the hat (0-6 months fit Nash perfectly)

5. Carrier – There was no way I was bringing his stroller or car seat onto the beach. That was just way too much to drag and I didn’t want sand to be left in everything. The best way we carried him down to the beach was this ergo carrier. He lovessss carriers so he fell asleep as soon as we put him in it. I was super picky about getting sand in it so as soon as I took it off I clipped it on the inside of our umbrella. That way it was off the ground!

Click here for the carrier and click here for our wagon

6. Baby Tent – One of my bestfriend’s let us borrow a baby tent, I’ve heard so many great things about them but to be honest we kept Nash on a towel under our umbrella the entire time. I feel like if we had more people at the beach we would put him under the tent so he had his own space, but since it was just us it worked best to have him in between us!

Here is one similar to the one we brought

7. Feedings – This one was the hardest because I am mainly breast feeding with adding in supplemental formula to get little man’s weight up. The biggest thing I wanted to make sure of was that he was staying hydrated so we fed him formula on the beach! I filled a couple of bottles with luke warm water before we left the condo and then I put the allotted scoops of formula I needed in his formula holders!

Click here for the formula holder. They are the BOMB.

8. Pumping- Yall are going to think I am crazy but I brought a manual pump down to the beach. I could’ve easily breastfed, but again I really wanted to make sure he was staying hydrated so I wanted to physically know how many ounces he was getting. Therefore, I manually pumped on the beach! I carry this pump EVERYWHERE. It’s amazing. Some people think it’s a lot of work to manual pump but I actually get more milk by manually pumping!

Click here for the manual pump

9. Life Jacket - We have this life jacket for the lake and I brought it to the beach just in case we wanted to use it. Mainly because he naps really well in the life jacket.. it's the oddest thing. I stood in the water a little less than waste dip and had him on my hip, I put the life jacket on him just in case! Again, Nash is a little baby so I was worried we wouldn't find a jacket to fit him but this one is great and he can grow with it! (Nash weighs a little over 10 pounds)

Click here for the life jacket!

There ya have it! Nash was 2.5 months when we headed to the beach. We headed out to the Gulf in May so it wasnt extremely hot. The average temp was about 75 degrees. I was worried about him overheating but we kept him fed, in the shade, and with a fan on him! He wasnt a fan of the beach the first couple of days but finally relaxed and got in some great naps.

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