Creating A Fun Home For The Family

Creating a fun home for the family might not be your first thought when purchasing a home. Instead, you’ve probably thought about how to create a beautiful home, what decor to fill in your home, and what colors to paint the walls. In my mind, creating a fun home is even more important because the things you do in your home matter more than the artwork hanging on your dining room wall. When it is all said and done, you will remember the memories that you have created with your family, not the things that you purchased many years back, so I feel like creating a home where memories can be made is very important. Here are a few ways to create that home - a fun home for the family:

Activity Stations

Since I’m still in the baby stage, I wanted to touch on that. How do you make a home fun for a baby? Create activity stages and rotate toys! In one area of your home, you could have books. In another, stuffed animals. Across that room, put the musical toys, etc. Creating little play stations with different activities and toys in each helps your kids to play more independently for longer. Also, rotating your toys out is a great way to keep them interested in their toys, without needing to have a million different toys.

Create A “Library”

You don’t need a massive floor-to-ceiling library to make a library area. Make a designated part of the home where your kids can curl up with their favorite books or, if your kids are pre-reading level, an area where you can read to them. You’ll make memories when you read together and it is such a good habit to form. Reading helps kids form language skills, it develops the brain, and it also teaches them to listen. All in all, it’s really important to read to and with your children and creating a cozy little library area in your home is the perfect way to make it even more fun and encourage reading time!

Make A Height Chart

Mark your children’s height on the door. You’ll love seeing how much they’ve grown, and they will get excited each time you make a new mark. As a first-time-mom, I am so thrilled to get the chance to do this as my son grows up. It may be a simple little way to create a home that focuses on memories and fun, but it’s really special, in my opinion.

Plant A Garden

Your family will love choosing flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables to plant in your garden. It will become a fun activity that you can do together. Watch the plants grow from season to season and year to year. We recommend also having each family member choose a plant that is uniquely theirs – they’ll have fun watching it grow and change, and it will be a great way to encourage responsibility. Not only will it be a ton of fun watching plants grow, but if you grow fruits and vegetables, you can reap the rewards, eat healthier, and cook together, as a family, as well.

Create A Game Room

When your kids are little like mine, you need a way to connect with your significant other. Date nights are great, but I know that the world is constantly changing right now, so why not have a date night at home in your game room? This allows you to create a fun home, make memories, and you do not have to worry about your health or paying a babysitter!! Having a game room is also great as your kids grow - it will give them something to do with you, their siblings (if any), other family members, and friends.

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It Is About Action

No matter what you have in your home, it does not matter unless you change your perspective and put your “wants” into action. If you want to have a fun home that makes memories, you have to actively try to create them. This means that you have to put down the screens and instead, focus on ways that you can connect with your loved ones. This might mean playing games to some, reading books to others, or maybe even going to your swimming pool in your neighborhood. Either way, as long as you are having fun and creating memories, that is all that matters!

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