A Beautiful Story

Half the time I feel like I am a loony bird on this one man spiritual mission with God. I see little signs everywhere and I begin digging like crazy to connect it to God. Just the other night while lying in bed I saw a new friend notification on Instagram. We had no mutual friends and she didn't look familiar. So, I obviously went to dig into every aspect of her life.

The only weird part was she was on private so all I could see was her bio... "Ecclesiastes 3:11". Which hello, in my mind that is an immediate sign. I grabbed my bible from my nightstand and I read "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

As I sit here 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant I found myself comforted by these words. In His time. I thanked the Holy Spirit for moving my soul to look up that verse instead of just closing out of this strangers profile and I thanked God in advanced for knowing the perfect timing of when my baby boy will enter the world.

If I sound crazy to you then I might not be the person you want to hang around with. Heck, sometimes I think I have gone off the deep end but then there are moments where a friend from a long time ago that you haven't spoken to in months sends you a sermon that speaks so clearly to your soul that it shows you there are others out there who are digging just as hard as you are to find the evidence that God is sprinkling into your life.

I love to listen to all types of different sermons. I think it is important to get your message from more than one person. It creates an open mind and other's help show you blind spots that you have been missing.

I think this is one that is going to hit a lot of people's blind spots. It is from Mia Fieldes, nominee song writer for Hillsong, speaking on the miracles of her life. I actually listened to this sermon twice and I plan on coming back to it over and over again. Each time I listen it makes me feel less crazy and it makes me want to look for God in every. single. thing.

Instead of botching the sermon by trying to sum it up I want to verbally write out the truths that Mia preaches throughout her sermon. There is something extremely powerful about physically seeing these words and receiving them into your life.

Let These Truths Seep Over Your Soul

  • God will pull you out into the uncomfortable and invite you to come with him.

  • The story is actually about you, because God comes into every aspect of YOUR life.

  • Start thanking God for things you want ahead of time.

  • God wants to take you from glory to glory while the enemy wants to destroy your image so much that you cant even tell the counterfeit from the real thing.

  • God truly is customizing something for YOU.

  • Dont let just let anyone speak into your life.

  • God is so detailed.

  • Look for God in everything.

  • Faith is uncomfortable.

  • God will not low ball you.

  • Finally, go back to the last thing God said to you and look for evidence.

Click here to listen to the sermon.. trust me on this one.

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