Denial. That should’ve been my word of 2020. I was in denial by the word the lord was giving me.

A couple of months before 2020 I started thinking about what I wanted my word to be. I personally wanted it to be something strong and inspiring. Like... determined or empowered. I wanted 2020 to be the year I kicked ass (excuse my language) I wanted 2020 to be full of success. Success in my career, my family life, my personal life, etc. I literally wanted to do the most in 2020.

Shortly into my annual vision boarding the Lord interrupted my idea of 2020 and told me that the year would be full of rest.

Urgh. Nope. Not for me. I don’t have time for rest. I denied the word.

After that moment every bible time I had I saw something about rest. Every time I got quiet I heard the Lord's voice tell me rest was coming. I physically felt the Lord breathe a calming peace of rest into my soul. He was giving me glimpses. I was still denying it left and right but of course the lord was persistent and the word “rest” kept popping up everywhere.

I’d like to say I accepted this quickly, but it took me from November to January to fully accepted that my word for the year was “rest”.

Once I accepted the fact that my 2020 would consist of rest the lord specifically told me my maternity leave would consist of rest. He told me there would be a massive calming sensation that I would feel. He showed me the Earth's environment become still.

After he showed me that, in true Lindsey form, I began to plan a million activities and tasks only to be shattered by exhaustion and the corona virus pandemic.

My mind was blown once the corona outbreak happened. The outbreak happened 2 and a half weeks into my maternity leave...just like the Lord had said rest was coming.

Everyone was forced to self quarantine. I watched cities, then states, then countries, then the world issue stay at home orders.

The Lord told me that my time as a new mom would consist of rest. While my vision was only big enough to see me and think about me the lord knew that the entire world would be put in quarantine, essentially bringing on rest for millions of people.

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